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When Traveling To Laos cannot miss top 5 scenic spots

The plain of jars in Phonsavan
  1. Phonsavan

Phonsavan is an ideal destination for experiencing the feeling of the American West in Laos. In addition, buffalo fighting is also held every New Year. This place is also famous for its jumbo jumbo – an ancient architectural complex that resembles exotic jars.

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The plain of jars in Phonsavan

The plain of jars in Phonsavan- source: internet

  1. Wat Phu

This is a complex of ancient Khmer religious complex located on Phu Kao Mountain in Champasak Province. This Hindu-style temple dates from the 11th to 13th centuries and was once part of the Khmer empire stretching from Angkor to the southwestern part of Cambodia.

Wat Phu can be small compared to Angkor, but the crooked houses, crooked crocodile marshes and broken tree trunk has created a very mysterious atmosphere.

  1. Vang Vieng

It takes four hour driving from Vientiane. Established in the 14th century with the name Mouang Song, then the French changed its name to the present when occupying the city.

It is famous for its weathered limestone hills. Situated along the Nam Song River, there are many activities for visitors such as Kayak, diving or rock climbing. There are also villages of the Hmong.

The peaceful and quite Vang Vieng

The peaceful and quite Vang Vieng- source: internet

  1. Vientiane

The capital of Laos was once a French colony. So you can easily see the influence of the French on the streets here. The most interesting destination here is Pha That Luang – a Buddhist temple dating from 1586 – 49 meters high and is said to preserve the treasures of the Buddha.

Another attractive destination is Wat Si Muang – a city located on the ruins of the ancient Khmer temple. This is a good place for visitors to buy silk. Tours in Laos

Khmer Temples in Vientiane

Khmer Temples in Vientiane- source: internet

  1. Luang Prabang

This is the most famous tourist destination and once the capital. Of Laos. Luang Prabang is located at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, which is home to many Buddhist monasteries and temples. There are plenty of waterfalls here, and in some places you can also visit the elephant. The night market at the end of the main street is also a good place to buy souvenirs or enjoy fried moss – a specialty here.

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