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Travel to Vang Vieng with Family

Ride a bike to explore Vang Vieng
The scenery became more lush and the mountains more majestic. It was another early morning to prepare for our bus to Vang Vieng, our next stop. Let’s travel to Vang Vieng with: Indochina travel Laos

  1. Vang Vieng offers good accommodation at reasonable price

You can find clean, comfortable room perfectly situated on the river for only $12 per night. All the guest houses there are likely to be similar. You can even find cheaper options if you go without air-con. Food with huge portions easily enough to split is much cheaper than Luang Prabang.

6. Riding a bike is such a stunning way to explore the rural area

Ride a bike to explore Vang Vieng

Ride a bike to explore Vang Vieng- source: internet

You can hire adult bikes with a cushioned seat on the back for little ones. The roads are quiet and relatively flat. Once getting a little way out-of-town, you will be cycling through huge rice paddy fields and observing an exceptional way of rural life. You can see small bamboo houses, dried food in the sun and local women and themselves washing clothes in streams as laundry. Also, you can push bike to visit caves and the blue lagoon. It is such a pity if you do not get this experience. Your children will definitely love your time cycling. Laos travel tours

  1. The chance to visit Vang Vieng Organic farm
Vang Vieng Organic farm

Vang Vieng Organic farm-source: internet

The Organic farm in Vang Vieng is an educational facility training adolescents in such sustainable organic methods. This farm is located at the drop off point for tubing, so if you are about to go tubing in the morning, before jumping in the river, you should spend time visiting this farm. They also offer a good and interesting farm tour. Let’s come and enjoy yourself!

  1. Lovely local families

Overcoming the language barrier, your children can make friend with the local kids to go fishing, swimming and play together. These lovely kids may be shy but willing to make friend with others. Prepare enough muddy, wet clothes to let your children enjoy fun at its best!

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