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Top things to do in Laos

Local houses in Laos
Nothing is better than immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes and local activities when paying a trip to a country? There are a host of various choices for you to take a trip. A new land with magnificent mountains if you’re a trekking avid or even a simple place with old temples? For me, Laos is a country where you can not admire the beauty of stunning beaches, but thanks to Mother Nature and a long history, Laos looks like a peaceful heaven if you want to have a getaway. Let’s check it out. What our journey is going to be like! To get more information, you can view: Indochina tour
Stay in local houses

Your trip to Laos wouldn’t be nice if you didn’t stay at local houses. Some nice old wooden houses have been renovated well into boutique hotels to welcome guests from all over the world with opened arms. Sitting in the small chair, enjoying a lovely breakfast in the peaceful early morning is super fantastic for you.

Local houses in Laos

Local houses in Laos

Beautiful waterfalls

Coming to Laos, visitors might be struck by the natural and breathtaking beauty of magnificent waterfalls. What is better than getting away from the bustling and hustling life by immersing yourself into nature In fact, Laos is a landlocked country without beaches, but stunning waterfalls look like a gift from the Mother Nature. In many current years, Laos has become an attractive destination for visitors, especially backpackers. Being well-known as an ideal side trip for tourists, Kuang Si is considered the best waterfall in Laos. If you’re a big fan of swimming, it is definitely a heaven with green and cool water due to the shade is given by the surrounding tropical jungle. If you don’t like swimming, don’t worry, you can relax in the shade and admiring others having fun when jumping in the water from natural pools.

There are listed beautiful waterfalls in Laos you can enjoy: Tad Sae, Khone, Pha Pheng, Tad Fane.

Having fun together in Kwang Si waterfall

Having fun together in Kwang Si waterfall

Enjoy sunset time in Laos

Visitors can not end up a trip to Laos without strolling by Mekong River during the sunset time. It is definitely a magical moment what everyone is looking for and I bet that if you have a huge passion on photographing, staying sunset along Mekong River in Laos will give you a lot of highlights to catch.  Strolling along Mekong River at the end of the workday, you will have a feeling that you’re at home when seeing a lot of people doing exercise or cycling around. Having a drink and some snacks is something you can do while enjoying the sunset time as well.

To get more information: Laos travel tours

Magical beauty of sunset time

The magical beauty of sunset time

Laos street food

It is raining outside, I’m curling up on my soft sofa and missing Laos so much. Setting your feet in a new land, cuisine plays an important role in developing tourism. And if you have visited Laos, you can completely agree with me that: “nothing is better than Laos street food”. You’re going to be such a softie when it comes to good food. Different variety kinds of food are sold in everywhere in Laos, from small corners to tourist destinations. Travelers can be able to fill their hunger by getting sticky rice or a bowl of Khausoy. If you are brave enough, some dishes that are processed from insects such as crickets, Belostomatidae, spiders, ants or even grubs is highly recommended for you.

Food from insects

Food from insects 

Visit Laos National History Museum in Laos

If you are a big fan of history and looking for the best way to find out deeply about the Laos people, pay a visit to Laos National History Museum is a must-try. On “a pay what you can” basic, this place is suitable for travelers of all ages. The museum is considered the type of French colonial architecture, features a slightly chaotic display of artifacts and photos which cover all aspects about the history and culture of Laos people from the past to the recent life. In addition to seeing the exhibition in artful arrangements, visitors can be able to see a short documentary about key historical events of Laos.

Laos National museum

Laos National Museum

Souvenir shops

It is worth to finish your trip in Laos by visiting hand-woven handicrafts villages. Laos women are extremely in their hands. They have a beautiful selection of a lot of beautiful handicraft products that come from villages in rural Laos such as silver, silk, scarfs, bags, jewelry made out of UXOs and so on. Tourists can get easily at a reasonable price. Not only the best way of an effort in conserving the traditional values, but also the great way to support the local community in their daily life.


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