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Top dishes to eat in Luang Prabang

Larb is the pride of Laotian

In addition to visiting all the pagodas and temples, seeing enough elephants and swimming in enough waterfalls, indulging in Luang Prabang’s food is also what you should not miss. Travel to Luang Prabang to enjoy delicious dishes with: Indochina travel to Laos

Khao Piak Sen The Finest Lao Breakfast


Khao piak sen

Khao piak sen- source: internet

Considered as Lao version of Vietnamese banh canh, khao piak sen is the homemade chicken noodle soup unique to Lao’s cuisine. It will be your soothing soul food. Once trying, you will find it your favorite.

Thick and round lie Japanese udon but made from tapioca flour of rice flour instead of wheat, the chewy noodle of khao piak is combined with a simple chicken broth. The slightly elastic and firm pasta texture of Khao Piak Sen is a hearty meal for a cold day.

To give a pleasant thickness to the comforting soup, they often cook noodles directly in the broth. A bowl of khao piak sen is often garnished with a dash of black pepper, morning glory and deep-fried slices of garlic and sometimes pickled ginger and sprouts. Do not forget to squeeze lime!

Where to try khao piak sen

Xiengthong Noodle on Sakkaline Road and Sisavangvatthana Road: These amazing road-side restaurants are a dreaming place for those who want to come and enjoy a real authentic Laotians’ breakfast at an incredibly low price in the center of Luang Prabang town. For only 10,000 kip ($1.25), it is where you can find the cheapest yet cleanest bowl of khao piak sen. Laos holidays

Khao soi – Luang Prabang’s signature noodle soup

Luang Prabang khao soi

Luang Prabang khao soi- source: internet

You might have enjoyed khao soi, but chances are it is the Thai version, which is rich with creamy coconut curry base and crispy noodles on top. Sharing the same name but having the different tastes, khao soi noodles in Luang Prabang is entirely different from the well known Chiang Mai version. Khao soi in Luang Prabang is a bowl of thick rice noodles – an Italian Bolognese-like ragu topped with ground fatty pork, fermented soy beans, tomato, chilies and shallots. What make khao soi outstanding are the fermented soybeans smashed, formed into discs or cakes and sun-dried called tua nao.

Before enjoying, locals like to sink in the bright red hue some Thai basil, mint, watercress and a squeeze of lime.

Where to go for khao soi

  • Pho Wat Sen main street.

Larb – the signature delicacy of Laos

Chicken larb

Chicken larb- source: internet

Though they do not have the full spectrum of available kinds of meat, all restaurants in Luang Prabang serve Laap. A dish of laap sets you back from 15,000 kip to 45,000 kip. As usual, a food stall offers cheaper price while a luxury restaurant offers a large plate for higher price. No matter how much a portion of larb costs, it is always a dish to try even a budget one.

This national dish is the pride of Laotians and its procession is their secret. From fish to buffalo to add a subtle nutty flavor, raw to cooked, there are different protein materials minced and mixed with chili, lime juice, ground toasted rice powder, carrot, lettuce and some herbs with a kick of aromatics—cilantro, holy basil, garlic, mint, lemongrass, banana flower and spring onions. Depending on the own recipe of the chef cook, the variety of herbs is not the same.

The natural sweet taste of meat stunningly seasoned with special spices of lemon juice and fish sauce goes well with sticky rice and the freshness of raw vegetables (often cabbage) and herbs. The awesome taste in harmony with the nice preparation makes every Laotian fall in love with Larb. Like other recipes in Lao’s cuisine, there are regional kinds of Larb.

Larb is the pride of Laotian

Larb is the pride of Laotian- source: internet

Instead of pork, chicken, beef or duck, the vegetarian version of Laap – an essentially a salad with a meat base, uses mushroom or tofu to serve non-meat eaters. No matter which choice you choose the meat or vegetarian version, a normal recipe or an extreme version with organ parts like intestine, liver and tripe, blood, bile, a bland plate of tasty and refreshing laap is the best retreat on a typical hot day in Laos.

Where to go for larb in Luang Prabang?

  • Sisavangvong Road

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