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Talat Sao: morning market in Vientiane

Morning market food court

There are some variations when it comes to writing the name of the famous morning market in Vientiane. Sometimes you will see Talaat Sao, sometimes you will see Thatlat Sao, and sometimes you will see Talat Sao. But now you know, they all point towards the same location. When you hear about morning market, you will expect a market where people sell goods in the open air. But Talat Sao is different; it is more like an indoor flea market with shops opened daily from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m., selling the most local offerings you can find. Indochina tours Laos

Talat Sao briefs

Talat Sao morning market is located in the heart of Vientiane. Talat Sao is literally translated as ‘morning market’ in Laos. Originally, it is a two-story building covered with protected roofs. After the US$27-million renovation which took place in 2009, it is now a new, modern, and four-story high shopping mall. You can almost find everything in here: silk, cloth, jewelry, electronics, household appliances, medicinal herbs, and of course, fresh fruits and vegetables. Visitors and vendors love it because everything is clean and tiled.

Talat Sao shopping mall

Talat Sao shopping mall- source: internet

What makes this Vientiane morning market so appealing?

There are three reasons why people in Vientiane and visitors love this morning market.

First of all, the prices are cheap. This morning market is filled with vendors who sell affordable items. This is the place where you can find 100% local goods and everything screams ‘Laos’ from little souvenirs to big ticket items like air conditioners and TV. You can find yourself swim in the ocean of cheap T-shirts, silks, embroidery,  and gems. Note to self that it is totally possible for you to haggle the price if you are into it. Do not be afraid to bargain. And do not bother if you are pestered by sellers either; you will experience it anywhere you go in Southeast Asia. Laos travel tours

Local products inside the morning market

Local products inside the morning market – source: internet

On the second note, this morning market is convenient. Air conditioned, tiled, clean, with a food court included for the enthusiasts who decide to spend the whole day walking around and shopping. Not only can you find new goods in stores, there is also a secondhand section. This might not be of interest to foreign visitors, but we recommend that you take a short trip to this section just to see every kind of items that can go on the secondhand list.

Morning market food court

Morning market food court -source: internet

And third, this Vientiane morning market is the place where modernization meets tradition. Right next to the new and modern shopping mall you will see Talat Sao open air market.

The open air market

The open air market -source: internet

Fancy some fresh fruits? You will find them here. Need some Laos-style ice cream to kick summer heat? You will find it here. You will not find high fashion items here, but if you want something simple and in line with Laos tradition, try stores in the ground floor for quality items.

Go to the modern section for convenience, but go to the local produce section for a full reflection of old Vientiane. Because Talat Sao is built for local people and not for tourists, this is the exact place where you can truly experience that market life in Laos. Immerse yourself and experience the local busy life while sharpening your negotiation skill at the same time.

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