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Most interesting temple in Laos you should know

When travel to Luang Prabang, with a high concentration of the Buddhist architecture in such a small, Buddha statues are what you can find in all the beautiful golden Wats. Let’s explore

Top things to do in Laos

Nothing is better than immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes and local activities when paying a trip to a country? There are a host of various choices for you to take a

Best way to admire the green rice fields in Laos

As more and more people begin to realize the immense beauty of Laos’ rice fields during the wet season as well as its more enjoyable wet season, much less hot and wet

Top Things To See And Do In Kampot

Enchanting history, charming scenery, untouched nature, delicious authentic cuisine and adrenaline-pumping water sports, are all captured in the small yet lovely town of Kampot, Cambodia. Let’s discover some of the top activities

What to know when visiting Luang Prabang?

If you’re planning to travel Luang Prabang, you would wonder what to know about Luang Prabang. Its beauty is adorned by the mountains, forest and famous Mekong River. There are many visitors