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Sticky rice

Steamed sticky rice is traditionally cooked in conical bamboo baskets, banana leaves or sometimes even in hollow bamboo stalks, but you can easily steam it in a domestic steamer basket. Ingredients 400

Fresh Spring Rolls

In Vietnam fresh spring rolls are my favourite snack and in Laos they are perfectly replicated. The Yall Dib fresh spring rolls (aka Summer Rolls) are healthy, packed with fresh greens. Traditionally

Minced Pork Salad

While famous in Thailand’s Isaan region this fiery, minced pork salad originates from Laos. Easily one of my favourite foods in Asia and a must try for any visit to Laos (or

Laos food – Khao Tom

Khao tom is a Laotian steamed dessert made with sweet sticky rice, coconut and a variety of additions to taste, all wrapped up in banana leaves. Foods of this kind abound in

Rice balls and sour pork salad

This popular Laotian salad recipe requires an extensive list of ingredients and a bit of preparation, including four days marinating time, but the results are well worth the effort. You can shape