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How to save money in Laos when traveling

Credit cards in Laos
It pays to shop around as the US Dollar exchange rates on offer in the UK considerably vary. As a general rule to secure a favorable rate, unless you have pre-ordered, always avoid exchanging money at the airport. Order in advance and either arrange delivery or collect the currency at the providers’ outlet is one of the most convenient ways to get the best exchange rate. or are these websites where you can check the best rates available on price comparison. The pre-ordering service of the Post Office is also usually convenient for collection and competitive. Don’t forget to ask them for some small denomination notes. indochina tours LaosCredit cards

Credit cards in Laos

Credit cards in Laos- source: internet

Normally, credit cards are not accepted outside a select group of shops and the better hotels in Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Make sure you have a supply of cash with you if you are traveling in remote parts of the country since the use of credit cards will be limited outside of the main urban areas. In most Vientiane banks, cash advances can be taken on major credit cards and there are a number of ATM machines in the capital city. Though in Luang Prabang and some other large towns such as Vang Vieng, Savannakhet, Pakse and Oudomxai, ATMs can also be found, bear in mind that, these will be less reliable than cash machines back home due to local conditions such as power cuts.

Pre-paid cards

Caxton FX Global Traveler

Caxton FX Global Traveler- source: internet

Now the safest way to travel with cash is prepaid credit cards. And, they are much more convenient and cost effective than Travelers Cheques that are currently slowly getting obsolete.

The Caxton FX Global Traveler card that offers a fixed exchange rate at 2.75% below the prevailing interbank rate when withdrawing local currency from ATMs and spending overseas is highly recommended. The application process, unlike credit cards is straightforward, however, allow 7 days to receive your card. Please visit for more information.

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