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One day in Vientiane

Sunset by Mekong River in Vientiane

It is true that Vientiane does not offer many stunning landscapes or breathtaking views, but it is also wrong to say that Laos Capital cannot be a wonderful holiday destination. Let’s me tell you the travelling method preferred by me and almost all of my friends: Bicycling tour. Indochina holidays Laos

Yep, unlike Melbourne or Dalat whose roads are built in hills, Vientiane’s geographical condition is quite flat. Unlike Hanoi or Bangkok, the traffic in this city is not heavy, actually it is a little bit idle. Although in rush hours, you might find yourself scared to cross the roads; believe me; compared to their neighbour towns, it is quite easy.

If you do not like tourist traps, you can just hire a bike with the cost of around 1$, you will have a decent bike to wander anywhere. You can chase the golden beam as the sun set. The Mekong River lies on the West of the city, so it is likely that this beautiful sun light will lead you to a peaceful landscape. I remember my friend used to tell me that when running after the sun, she caught a picture of a couple sitting shoulder to shoulder and calmly watching the sunset. The moment she saw them she wished one day, she would have someone to share these precious moments with.

Sunset by Mekong River in Vientiane

Sunset by Mekong River in Vientiane- source: internet

Like other countries in region, there are many pagodas in Laos provinces. Vientiane is not an exception. However, the architecture of Laos’s religious buildings share the same style with their counterparts in Thailand. Sometimes, I think their sounds are similar as well. My travel mate and my best friend as well also said that they could pick up some Laos’ phrases after taking some basic Thai’s lesson. Of course,  anyone who does not know even a half of Laos words, just looking their characters gives them a strong feeling that Thai, Laos and Cambodia’s languages come from the same roots. Yup, it is true, they are all children of Tai-kadan or Isan language. Tours in Laos

Golden pagoda in Vientiane

Golden pagoda in Vientiane- source: internet

In Vientiane, you can let yourself wander and soak in its goodness. And to me, some coffee shops in Laos capital are one of its best things. Sipping a black coffee cup in a café near the Buddha Garden was one of my most relaxing moments in that city. To be honest, compared to Vietnamese coffee, the Laos one did not leave me some special impression as it was not too strong, but it was also not as light as the one in Starbucks. However, the atmosphere in the café was quite nice, as it had a serene designs with many trees surrounding and the milky white painted wall.