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Must-visit destinations in Savanakhet – Laos

Wat Sainyaphum
Savanakhet is one of provinces in the Central of Laos. Savanakhet is known as one of the province storing a wealth of must-see destinations in Laos. Every year, Savanakhet warmly welcome thousands of tourists to admire its beauty and explore Lao’s culture and customs. It has a great responsibility for introducing the authentic culture, traditional and architecture of Laos. Let’s see what the must-see places are. Travel to Laos with: Indochina tours and Laos
  1. Ing Hang Tower

Ing Hang Tower lies far about 15km from the northeast of Savanakhet. Besides Wat Phu – Champasak, Ing Hang Tower is considered the second place of pilgrimage in the southern of Laos. It is widely known that in 1548 the Ing Hang Tower was explored at the same time as the Luang. Every year at this place, the traditional festival takes place. There is a festival celebrated  throughout the three full moon days of January (in accordance with the Lao’s calendar). On the occasion of the festival, guests can see tattoos, listen to monks chanting and receive a thread tied to their hands as the best wishes about their journeys. Tying the thread to the hand is one of the customs in Laos in which people have a chance to deliver their wishes about peaceful and happy life to others.

Ing Hang Tower

Ing Hang Tower -source: internet

  1. Wat Sainyaphum

Wat Sainyaphum is the second destination you should visit when traveling to Savannakhet. This is a magnificent pagoda located in the heart of Savannakhet. According to the written information, the temple was built in 1542. At the temple there is a delegation of more than 200 monks who have learned in the pagoda. Wat Sainyphum is well-known throughout the country as the school of Sanskrit Buddhist training monks.

Passing by the pagoda, travelers can go on a pilgrimage, visit the temple and feel the pure and peaceful atmosphere. Certainly, your stress from the hustling and bustling life can disappear as tourists arrive at this place. Laos tours and packages

Wat Sainyaphum

Wat Sainyaphum -source: internet

  1. Heuan Hinh Stone House

The Heuan Hinh Stone House is far about 65 km from Sanvanakhe. The major material to build up this house is stone. Its architecture is not different from that of a temple. It is said by word by local people that Heuan Hinh stone house was built from 553 BC based on Cham or Angkor architecture.Although the Heuan Hing Stone House is located in the remote area, the glorious beauty and mysterious things here can keep the visitor’s steps in a long time and more and more travelers hold a short trip to this house. If you are adventure and exploration lovers, it is ideal destination to you.

Heuan Hinh Stone House

Heuan Hinh Stone House -source: internet

1.    Dinosaur Museum

When referring to the must-travel destinations of Savankhet, almost people mention Dinosaur Museum. Dinosaur Museum is a museum where exhibits weapons and impressive images of a Lao’s fight against America. In addition, when coming here, visitors also have an opportunity to see the giant 90 – million- year old skeleton with the length of 15 meters. This dinosaur skeleton is dicovered by the French geologist- Jousé Heilman Hoffet in the territory of Tang Vay, Pha Lan in Savanakhet in 1936.

In addition to the above mentioned places, Savankhet also has many beautiful scenes of gentle rivers, green trees, or vast and stunning rice fields and especially the friendly and hospitable people here. If anyone has a chance to reach Savankhet in general and four mentioned destinations, you can leave here a miss and a promise to come back.

Hope that this article is helpful to you in the next time you travel to Laos.

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