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What you should not miss in Yangon

Discover Yangon’s colonial architecture in a walking tour

The former capital of Yangon, as the main hub for internal transport and one of the two international getaways (with Mandalay) is what you cannot really avoid – and neither should you! Not only remaining Myanmar’s commercial and cultural heart, this fast-changing, ex-colonial center is currently sprouting an exceptionally modern art scene amidst its century-old pagodas. Indochina travel Myanmar

Discover Yangon’s colonial architecture in a walking tour

Yangon, as the ex-capital of colonial Burma, is dotted with magnificent British-era avenues, of which 188 have made their way onto the Heritage List of Yangon City. As a result, the architecture is not only extremely colorful but also incredibly varied.

Discover Yangon’s colonial architecture in a walking tour

Discover Yangon’s colonial architecture in a walking tour- source: internet

Even though you are capable of going looking for those buildings on your own (for instance: Lonely Planet suggests a itinerary), joining one of the free walking tours organized by Free Yangon Walks is such a great way to truly engage with the city’s architecture and history and to learn more about the contemporary Burmese culture along the way.

Usually run by an English-speaking expat with a local student, the 2-hour tours are hold every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 4:00pm. You will definitely know a lot about the customs of Yangonite, including about the inhabitants’ avid love of books and their curious habit of chewing red-staining betel! Myanmar travel tours

And, to help you plan the rest of your stay in the city, your tour leader will also take down your email address and send you a guide of Yangon’s best activities, bars, restaurants, etc. as if a free tour was not enough.

Sample Yangon’s street food

Typical Myanmar soup, Shan noodles and steam buns

Typical Myanmar soup, Shan noodles and steam buns- source: internet

As you might know, following your taste buds and try the local food is one of the best ways to discover a place – however, sampling Yangon’s street food can be a daunting process though Myanmar has some great culinary specialties, with the sometimes-dubious hygienic standards! Experiencing and you can find out that Burmese food can be not only the way to your heart, but also be a quick way to your sickbed!

Although the price of a Yangon Food Tour may be a bit steep for budget travelers ($25 for the lunch tour and $30 for the dinner tour), the conversation, the opportunity to discover Yangon’s food markets and food will exceed your expectations. After some touch-and-go experiences, you will realize that it is a safe and fun way to make the most of all that Yangon’s food scene has to offer! Running breakfast, lunch, and dinner tours (or custom combos of those), Yangon Food Tours lets travelers taste from 3 to 5 local delicacies in a range of restaurants and market stalls. One thing to remember: leave some room for the next three, don’t wolf down your first course!

For all food lovers who have budget and time to spare, it is a must to treat themselves to a Yangon Food Tour!

Stroll along the lakes

Like all big cities in Southeast Asia, Yangon is a charmingly messy, bustling and traffic-jammed one. However, the city also has its green oases for those who need a bit of quiet and peace. Grab a book or your (girl/boy) friend and head to one of Yangon’s two large lakes for a stroll or a lie-down on the banks is a good option for some relaxation.

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