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Great places for your stay in Siem Reap

Sala Bai is hotel with a heart

Over the last few years, the standards of accommodation in Siem Reap have improved beyond recognition, across almost all kinds of budgets. Currently, the gateway to the Angkor Complex has over 500 guesthouses, hotels and inns and your chances to get a soft landing are pretty high. However, the options that will not break the bank will make you much happier. You can view:  Indochina tours Cambodia

Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa – source: internet

Set amid paddy a 15-minute tuk tuk trip away from the town center, Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa features white Neo-Moroccan villas in a landscaped tropical garden, a Polynesian-style straw-roofed dining pavilion flanked by three Egyptian blue swimming pools, with one being lap pool and forming the centerpiece. The effect is awesome, even when you do not already get to see the spacious rooms, which are designed exquisitely with carefully selected pieces of regional crafts and a Mexican cyan backdrop to offset the sculpted white walls. During the green season, room prices start at $96 per night and even if your budget would not normally go that far, it could be worth a splurge for one night. Alternatively, check out the yoga centre with classes daily or the spa.


Rambutan Restaurants

Rambutan Restaurants- source: internet

Not just one but Rambutan is two hotels, the Rambutan Hotel and Rambutan Resort. Each of these 2 avenues, not even 50 meters apart from one another, offers a stunning neo-Mediterranean setting with beautifully white-painted villas offset by lush green foliage and cerulean pools with sprinkling water features and red painted doors. These differences lie in their rooms, with the rooms in the Resort being much bigger with a slightly more contemporary and luxurious edge than those of the Hotel. They all have larger terraces with outdoor loungers, bath tubs and showers. Indochina tours Cambodia

Unique Boutique

Unique Boutique

Unique Boutique – source: internet

Though you might find its name pretty awful, don’t let that put you off the Unique Boutique, a genuine boutique hotel with elegant rooms which is especially suitable for groups of travelers or families. Unique Boutique, which is down a red dirt-road 10-minute ride out of the town center, offer excellent accommodation in a wide collection of Western-style bungalows set in lovely, mature tropical gardens and constructed around a mid-sized pool. There, you are also possible to find a safely enclosed and dedicated children’s area and slides and swings under the cool shade of some giant trees. Parents can enjoy the spa, pool time or just simply down time in the spacious and comfortable rooms while their kids are taking part in weekend art classes. Cambodia travel tours

Frangipani Villa Hotel

Frangipani Villa Hotel

Frangipani Villa Hotel -source: internet

Being the creation of three enterprising Cambodians, a marketing whizz, a landscape gardener and an architect, whose specialties have come together in an elegant symbiosis, Frangipani Villa Hotel is a lovely place still within walking distance of town. The two airy huge buildings house elegantly and tastefully decorated rooms (with the price being from $40 per night), which feature four-poster beds with subtle contemporary motifs, silk throws, flowers and gently fluttering canopies. Facing east to be perfect for afternoon swims after a morning spent trampling around temples, the pool at the back is a real prize. The restaurant in the principal building, whose ambience and standards seem rather at variance with the rest of the hotel, might be your only reservation there.

Sala Bai

Sala Bai is hotel with a heart

Sala Bai is hotel with a heart -source: internet

There is another hotel with a heart on the other side of town. Sala Bai is actually not really a hotel but a hospitality training institution taking in 100 disadvantaged Cambodian children every year and giving the practical and formal training in the industry to them. Hosting guests in the four rooms above the restaurant is part of the training. All rooms are clean, decorated simply and very good value with rates for a standard double starting at $20 per night. One of your absolute favorites can be the restaurant downstairs, which offers set Western and Asian menus and an a la carte.

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