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How to get to Inle Lake?

How to get to Inle Lake

The hiking trails slowly meander over one ridge to another. Bring plenty of water as heat is the main enemy. Loi Kaw village, where there is a general store with limited basic supplies, mostly bottled water and canned drinks all served at the current room temperature, is where overnight trekkers can re-provision. Here, you also find a wide selection of longyis – the Myanmar’s traditional unisex skirt for sale, however, they are the same prepackaged ones you can get in town. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel agency

When sharing your meals with the local families, you will eat the same meal they have. You can notice that the taste is plentiful while the ingredients may be few. Knowing how to cook, they combine the best local produce, with several kinds of local spices that compliment, rather than overwhelm the food.

How to get to Inle Lake

How to get to Inle Lake- source :internet

Traveling by airplane is the fastest way to get to Inle Lake. The nearest airport to Inle Lake is in Heho. A 1-hour flight from Yangon starts at around $87 US dollars. For the one hour taxi ride from Heho to Nyaungshwe, you will spend around $25 US dollars trip. It is also possible to share the costs with other travelers at the airport.

Arrange your trek

In town, there are many travel agencies offering guide services, a wide variety of trekking trips that fit any time frame both on horseback and on foot as well as boat tours of Inle Lake. All private trips can be customized to trekkers’ liking.

What to Bring on a Trek

Pack light but enough for a Inle Lake trekking

Pack light but enough for a Inle Lake trekking- source: internet

Pack as little as possible. All you need is a small backpack. Carry your own water, at least 1 liter per person although your food and bedding material will be provided. Although hot tea will be provided along the way, the local drinking water is not potable. As full bathing facilities are not available, bring a few basic toiletries, you will not need much. Be sure to bring tissue paper. Even though the squat toilets are remarkably clean, the bamboo strips to wipe with do not look really comforting. Myanmar travel tours

There is no need to bring hiking books for the trek. Sport sandals or tennis shoes will work fine. Flip flops, what most of the local people, including guides wear, probably will not provide enough support for most trekkers. Bring a light sweater or jacket if you travel winter or spring as it can get cool at night. Convertible pants are an ideal choice for this trek.

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