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Food market in Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng market

The food here is so peaceful as this place. Not too fussy as European cuisine or cuisine meticulously as China, Japan, Korea, where street food is always simple but always considered a creative and maintaining an appetite.Kualao restaurant has a long operation time should the dishes here are all good quality and extremely tasty. Especially you also heard by the Lao dancers performed when this restaurant to eat anymore. speed boat from ho chi minh to phnom penh

Vang Vieng market

Vang Vieng market- source: internet

If you’re traveling east, the group will be better because you will be able to fully enjoy the amazing food here without fear of the belly. Food Market This night was a delicious dining addresses in Vientiane cheap that you can not ignore when to travel the capital of Laos.

Go here, you just might charming river views, cool breezes from the Mekong river has been enjoying good food appealing. It is suitable for couples on honeymoon travel in Vientiane so if you go with someone you love, then remember this restaurant decent.

Also, in Vientiane you will be overwhelmed by the diverse and delicious dishes the eyes of the street here. Countless dishes and delicious eye-catching are sold as to Footbinding visitors stay.

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Market in Vang Vieng

Market in Vang Vieng- source: internet

The barbeque skewers were stacked, lined on the table, from fish to meat as: trui snakehead fish skewer, grilled snapper, chicken leg, chicken wings or chicken sandwiched by the bamboo skewers, the birds shiny, skin crispy pork bacon, golden straw lying on green banana leaf.

Vientiane also the night market so you can freely enjoy the street food here without fear of overpricing. Two locations are typical culinary night Market Night Market Vangthong and Vientiane. Here you can enjoy the special dishes with prices fairly stable Laos. If you take the large groups will enjoy all the dishes here without worrying about being too full stomach.

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