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A day trip in Vientiane

A bicycle tour in Vientiane

Boasting outstanding French colonial architecture and low level buildings spread out in the city, enhancing a cultural and relaxed atmosphere, Vientiane is considered as the most laid-back capital city in Southeast Asia. In this pleasant capital, life is slow-paced with only a light flow of traffic, even during rush hours! Let’s visit some of the finest and most important historical sites in Laos to explore this little, peaceful capital at a leisurely pace. Indochina tours Laos

  1. Visit the Xieng Khuang – the Buddha Park
Pumpkin tower - Buddha Park

Pumpkin tower – Buddha Park- source: internet

Being well known under the name the Buddha Park, Xieng Khuan – the whole park filled with more than 200 Buddhist and Hindu sculptures, is an absolute must-see in a day trip in Vientiane. A lot of them are a bit weird, some of them are enormous and a chance to go inside and be on top of some of the statues is what you absolutely should not miss! For example, the big ball has three floors which represent heaven, earth and hell. On top of the ball, you will catch an incredible view over the whole park. Even though looking ancient, the statues are not. This ball was constructed in the late ’50’s by Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, a shaman that combined the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

  1. Go shopping in the Night Market

Popping up every evening (from 5 PM) on the boulevard, the night market is what you cannot miss when having a walking tour in the central part of Vientiane next to the Mekong River. Everything from your awesome Laos souvenirs, personal care products, clothing to typical night market snacks can be found here. It is pretty enjoyable to search for the right color of nail polish and the perfect shampoo together with the Lao girls in this mix of locals and tourists.

  1. Visit the National History Museum
Lao National Museum

Lao National Museum- source: internet

Even though not being exactly a quality museum, the National History Museum of Laos standing here in Vientiane is extremely fascinating and a good start to your journey through this 1000-elephant country. Of course, it tells the history of Laos, but in a very subjective way. Here you will find several “comrades” like Ho Chi Minh, Marx and Lenin. There is an obvious opinion about the Americans and the French. And you will come across thousands of Buddha statues, locked away behind bars. On the hottest hours of the day, it is such an interesting, nice, quiet stroll.

  1. Temple tour
Don’t miss to visit a temple tour in Vientiane

Don’t miss to visit a temple tour in Vientiane- source internet

Vientiane is bursting with exceptional temples, none of which are very ancient as they were destroyed in turns due to several invasions. However, that does not make them less awesome. Richly decorated, they all are works of art. Here and there, you can find an ancient ruin which used to be a temple, and next to it, a new complex. There are a lot of temples painted with stories related to the Buddhist religion. Pha That Luang, Wat Si Saket and Wat Ong Tue Mahawihan are the temples you should definitely not miss in a Vientiane day trip. Laos travel tours

  1. Go to the COPE Visitor Center
COPE Visitor Center

COPE Visitor Center- source: internet

The American-Vietnam war made a great impact on the country – a dark side of Lao history – is what the COPE Visitor Centre deals with. There were more than 270 million cluster bombs dropped on lovely Laos – 80% of which never exploded and are still hidden in the jungle, being a threat to animals and humans alike. The British are now cleaning up the mess that the Americans made in this beautiful country, however, up onto now only 1% of all the UXO’s (Unexploded Ordnances) have been cleared out. The COPE Visitor Centre shows the influence of the UXO’s on the Lao people’s life. This absolutely impressive museum is completely free to visit, and the souvenir you buy or the donation you leave will directly go into COPE related charities.

  1. Join the bicycle tour
A bicycle tour in Vientiane

A bicycle tour in Vientiane- source: internet

In Vientiane, there are many bicycles for rent for just half a dollar a day. It is well worth checking out the local life, which can be found just outside of the city center. What is more interesting than riding past the Mekong River, viewing the beautiful temples, enjoying the feeling of seeing Thailand on the other side, stopping here and there to have a chat and enjoy a drink with the locals and taking in the amazing countryside? But make sure to bring enough water, you will need it bad!

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