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Check out to keep you safe in Chiang Mai

Tourists all like to be wet in Songkran celebration

Chiang Mai offers a slightly more cool off experience than Bangkok or Pattaya, making the tourists want to escape the sleaze of Southern Thailand. Travel to Chiang Mai with:  Indochina tours Thailand.

Chiang Mai has it’s fair share of touts, hustlers, dodgy guest house owners, local hazards and rogue tuk tuk drivers. How you navigate these experiences can leave you feeling like a shell of a person.

There’s the burning season in Chiang Mai

February-April is probably a month with smoke if you visit Chiang Mai because the surrounding countryside burns off stubble in the fields surrounding the city. But, the views look like there is foggy all day. If you have a fetish for eye irritation and respiratory discomfort, headaches, it’s probably a good idea to visit.

The smoke “haunts” in the sky of Chiang Mai

The smoke “haunts” in the sky of Chiang Mai- source: internet

Songkran and why you should close your mouth

The traditional Thai New Years Day is very popular in Chiang Mai, with celebrations lasting up to 6 days. A party sounds awesome to us, in April, Chiang Mai turns into a giant water fight festival – actually a water celebration. Celebrating Thai’s will throw buckets of water on you, hose you with water guns, balloons and any other way to soak every human and beast in the city.

A great way to cool off in the blistering heat – sure, but remember:

The water used by the Thai’s comes from the moat local river. The water is meant to symbolically wash away the bad, but it can also wash away your health as the water is taken from the local river – it can be dirty, filled with festering nasties. Some people have cast iron constitutions, some don’t. Be aware! Thailand travel tours

Tourists all like to be wet in Songkran celebration

Tourists all like to be wet in Songkran celebration- source: internet

You don’t want to leave the guesthouse or hotel and suddenly find yourself drenched by rabid Songkran celebrant as you get into a Tuk Tuk. Clothes dry, but your phones, backpacks, tablet computers laptops; money etc can end up drenched. At this time of year, keep them safe in waterproof bags or cases.

If you are not easy to get sick, then by all means, join in the festivities, or keep your mouth closed during all the splashing and keep your valuables at your guesthouse – Songkran is a really fun time!

Chiang Mai scams in shops, bars and markets

Everybody needs to make a baht. Some make serious baht scamming Chiang Mai tourists. Here are some of the more common things to watch out for:

  • Pickpockets around Tapae Gate & Chang Mai Night market: the usual travel safety rules apply: keep your valuables stashed safely, and watch your daypack or shoulder bag!
  • Gem Scam: Somebody might strike up a friendly talk and the next hour you may find yourself being asked to take gems to your next destination surrounded by Mafioso types. It can feel downright dangerous. If somebody makes you an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Credit Card Skimming at ATMs near Warorot Market Kad Luang
  • Keep your bank card safe – always try to use an ATM at your hotel or inside a bank.
  • Tailor Scams in Chiang Mai: these can often involve multiple people, who may or may not even be a Thai national. -“Yes! I know Tailor”-The tuk tuk driver, the coincidental referee, and the smiling kid at the wat – they all get a snip. Whilst not a direct threat to your well-being, it’s not a nice feeling to be taken for a ride.

Traffic dangers in Chiang Mai

A serious traffic problem causes the serious pollution problem:

Some parts of Chiang Mai don’t have sidewalks! Local drivers really don’t care about the wellbeing of foot traffic. Remember what they taught you in school – pay attention; look both ways and you will stay safe.

The traffic in Chiang Mai

The traffic in Chiang Mai- source: internet

Even X-games athletes feel it hard to ride motorbikes in Chiang Mai. If you have the guts, and want to give it a go, search necessary information on riding motorbikes in Thailand.

Drinking in Public: A no-no around Tapae Gate

We don’t’ advocate drinking in public generally, but certainly don’t do it around Tapae Gate, you may be fine 1,000 baht fine if you are caught. We also have another article on Thai Laws to keep yourself on the right side of the Police.

Travel Chiang Mai will become more wonderful and safer if you know these tips before your journey.

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