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How to get to travel Laos

Located 700m beyond the Km 387 marker near the airport and only a 20 minute tuk tuk ride from the center of town, the Northern Bus Station is where you can find

  Reasons Why Travel Luang Prabang

Good Spa Package Deals Spa treatments will be discounted at many luxury hotels and spas around the town during the low season like September. Imagine after a busy travel day, you retreat

Full moon festivals in Yangon

Thanks to the numerous celebrations that take place all year round, Myanmar is often referred to as the Land of Festivals and festivals are a highlight of travel in this country. Taking

A flight to Vientiane – an awesome capital city

In spite of being a capital city, Vientiane, which exudes a certain rustic beauty coupled with an increasing cosmopolitan aesthetic, is surprisingly idyllic. It is a breeze to get around the city,

How to save money in Laos when traveling

It pays to shop around as the US Dollar exchange rates on offer in the UK considerably vary. As a general rule to secure a favorable rate, unless you have pre-ordered, always

An Overland Journey on the Slow Boat from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai

Including flying or taking a bus and ferry combination, there are a number of options available to travel from Luang Prabang, Laos, to Chiang Mai, Thailand. But it is a great option

When Traveling To Laos cannot miss top 5 scenic spots

Phonsavan Phonsavan is an ideal destination for experiencing the feeling of the American West in Laos. In addition, buffalo fighting is also held every New Year. This place is also famous for

The beauty of the Elephant Village

In the Elephant Village, the Elephant Camp is blended into the peaceful natural surroundings with its traditional buildings, an Elephant information house, a hospital station and other facilities. Until 1990, locals said

Check out to keep you safe in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers a slightly more cool off experience than Bangkok or Pattaya, making the tourists want to escape the sleaze of Southern Thailand. Travel to Chiang Mai with:  Indochina tours Thailand.

Over land from Sapa to Luang Prabang

From the mountainous area of Sapa in Northwest Vietnam to the Buddhist and French mix of Luang Prabang in North Laos, the journey is very scenic if covered over land. For those