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The beauty of the Elephant Village

Luang Prabang Elephant Camp

In the Elephant Village, the Elephant Camp is blended into the peaceful natural surroundings with its traditional buildings, an Elephant information house, a hospital station and other facilities. Until 1990, locals said that there were wild elephants and tigers still living in this area only outside of Luang Prabang. It is not exaggerating to say that it is the most charming spot in the Luang Prabang surroundings and the Elephant Village welcomes tourists to meet and know more about these protected Elephants. See more: Indochina travel Laos

The area surrounding the Elephant Village offers a total area of 4 hectares of green and lush nature, and a sandbank in front of the camp allowing you to see the lovely Elephants during their daily bath. Do you want to enjoy taking a bath yourself with the elephants? Why don’t you come and relax on the sandbank and make friends with the protected giants there?

The philosophy “Care & Share” of the Elephant Village

Luang Prabang Elephant Camp

Luang Prabang Elephant Camp- source: internet

The mission of Elephant Village is to provide elephants in not only Luang Prabang but also in Laos with a quiet home and sustainable future. Various tourism activities there contribute to the support, food, health care opportunity of the elephants! This cooperation between human and animals not only gives them what they need on a daily bases but also supports the neighboring local villages.

The missions of the Elephant Village:

  • Ensure the support of the survival of 9 elephants currently living harmoniously with community and nature, cared by professional vets and kept away from abusive work.
  • Ensure the support of disadvantaged & indigenous people in a remote area of Luang Prabang by providing employment to them through the creation of over 40 jobs under fair social circumstances!
  • Ensure the protection of a virgin river valley that otherwise could be destroyed by the application of a 20 year leasing agreement to establish a sustainable tourism project of the Lao government.
A visit to the Elephant Village gives you a closer insight into the beauty of the elephant land

A visit to the Elephant Village gives you a closer insight into the beauty of the elephant land- source: internet

Elephant Village is managed in a fair and sustainable way that actively benefits local villages as well as elephants! The majority of the camp staff fleet is villagers living in the nearby area. The food supply for elephants is purchased from villagers living around the camp. Laos tour packages

At Elephant Village, the safety of everyone – human’s as well as elephant’s comes first. Elephants and mahout are carefully trained for tourism activities.

Elephant rides and mahout training

  • Address: Elephant Village, Ban Xieng Lom
  • Telephone: (071) 252 417

About 4 hours from Luang Prabang, the Elephant Conservation Center, which is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Asia Elephants within Laos, provide a natural home to elephants rescued from abuse in logging and tourism projects and offers you an amazing opportunity to see elephants in their native habitat. Besides having the only hospital dedicated to diseased or injured elephants, they also run a breeding program which gives the financial means to breed their elephants to these mahouts.

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