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The appealing destination in Vientiane

Buddha Park in Vientiane Laos

Featured on Lane Xang Boulevard is the Patuxay, formerly known as Anou Savary. The Arc de Triomphe is located between the border of Vientiane City and That Luang area. The Anou Savary was built in 1958. The lower part and the exterior simulated by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but the upper and lower parts of the architecture are typical characteristics of Laos. Standing on the highest floor of Anou Savary we can see the whole landscape of Vientiane. Let’s explore Indochina tours

Patuxai overview

Patuxai overview -source: internet

Pha That Luang in Vientiane

At the end of Lane Xang is That Luang – a world cultural heritage, a symbol of the Lao Theravada Buddhist nation, printed on paper money and the emblem of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Pha That Luang in Laos is a Buddhist stupa built in 1566 on the ruins of the 13th century Indian temple, gilded in gold. Pha That Luang is the largest and most beautiful tower in Laos. Every year, in mid-November, there is That Luang national festival.

Buddha statue garden

The Buddha Park (Buddha statue garden) in Xieng Khuan is 25km southeast of Vientiane. There are more than 200 statues of Buddhists and Hindu characters made of concrete, featuring a giant 40-meter-long statue of Buddha. There are also statues of people, gods, animals and demons. You can go inside the giant pumpkin-shaped building through a demon-like mouth nearly 3m high and climb the stairs to visit each floor symbolizing Hell, Earth and Heaven. To get here you should go by tuk tuk if crowded, cost about 70,000 Kip or catch bus number 45 near Talat Sao market for 5,000 Kip per person, 20-40 minutes a ride.

Buddha Park in Vientiane Laos

Buddha Park in Vientiane Laos- source: internet

Talat Sao – The morning market

Located at the corner of the East Street between Lane Xang and Vieng area, the main area of Vientiane, the market is open from 7:00 am to 16:00 pm. This is a very popular destination for tourists to visit and shop in Laos. In the market, there are many small shops, restaurants, fruit and vegetable counters, jewelry counters, silk, handicrafts, musical instruments, electronics, home appliances … Talat Sao is a gathering place of goods with Lao identity so it will be easy to find a few items that you like to make gifts to relatives. Laos tours

Phra Keo Temple

Visiting Phra Keo Temple, we feel like loss in “art world” by the sculptures, carvings and rare objects that are inlaid with gold, silver, shimmering color jade. Phra Keo Temple is not only worship a statue of Buddha, but also a museum showing many works of Lao religious art. In Vientiane, Wat Phra Keo is an important and famous temple just after That Luang.

Pha Keo Temple in Vientiane

Pha Keo Temple in Vientiane -source: internet

Wat Sisaket

Situated on Sethathirath Road, close to Lane Xanga Boulevard, Wat Saket is the original temple that was originally built in 1818 by King Chao Anjou of Siamese Buddhist architecture. Wat Sisaket impresses visitors by the corridors with walls decorated with more than 2,000 images of bronze Buddha, precious wood, ceramics, gilded and silver. The total number of Buddha statues in the temple up to 6,840 which is very rare.

Wat Ong Theu

Also located on Setthathilath Road, Wat Ong Theo attracts tourists with the largest bronze Buddha statue of Vientiane. The name Vat Ong Theo means Temple of the Big Statue. Within the compound of the temple there is the Sangha Buddhist School where monks from all over Laos often come here to study Buddhism.

Have joy trip to Vientiane, Laos when discovering these mentioned destination!

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