10 things to avoid when traveling
In the process of preparing for the trip, it is important to pack your luggage wisely. There is nothing worse than a trip, you bring a lot of personal belongings then you realize that you do not use some of the items in the suitcase. The following items are recommended to be left at home.north vietnam travel tours

Personal hygiene items

Even if you want to travel in beautiful looks and take care of your appearance, do not bring many different shampoo in bottle. You should only bring shampoo in small, convenient package form. You can bring combs, toothbrushes, perfume… If you plan to stay at a hotel, you may not need to bring these items.


Women often pay attention to the hair to look neat, but do not bring a hairdryer during the holiday. Even compact dryer is annoying, takes a lot of space in your backpack. If your hotel does not have a hairdryer, just let it dry itself while wandering around.

Traveling is to relax your mind, live with reality

Traveling is to relax your mind, live with reality- source: internet

Many types of shoes

When traveling on a cruise, visiting a city or hiking, you should only bring up to 2 pairs of shoes. Depending on where you go, choose the appropriate shoes, such as the beach, just a pair of sandals. They must be flexible, compact and durable. mekong delta cruises

Choose the appropriate shoes

Choose the appropriate shoes- source: internet

Too much clothes

Depending on the trip, choose right clothes. Do not put too many outfit in the suitcase. Always prioritize light, cool, airy, easy-for-movement clothes.


Traveling is to take a break, relax your mind, live with reality so why do you bring many technological equipment? Think again before putting in your laptop, iPad, smartphone and Kindle. Just taking what you really need will make your bag lighter and allow you to enjoy your spare time without any distractions.

Valuable items

Expensive items such as jewelry or souvenirs should not be worn on travel due to high risk of loss. Leave them at home is not only for not losing money, but also for avoiding the look of thieves and saving your life.

Reduce the weight of your luggage by leaving behind the above items when traveling.

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